KEyTO-me Coaching Program

Are you ready to get healthy to lose weight?

You feel tired, exhausted, hungry all day long...?

You read about how keto & intermittent fasting (IF) can help you reduce weight, improve your energy and sleep level, but don't know how to get started? 

You want to learn how to integrate a ketogenic diet easily in your lifestyle, without  cravings, feeling energetic and losing weight?

KEyTO-me Coaching Program Keto and Intermittent Fasting

It's not a diet - It's a 'lifestyle'

KEyTO-me Coaching Program

I followed many diets for years, starting at the age of 13, losing 20kg and gaining it again...It felt like being stuck in a vicious circle.

What exactly do we know about food, hormones, metabolism? We tend to follow 'diets' blindly to lose weight 'quickly', although it took days/month even years to gain it.

As a result my body was exhausted and didn't want to get rid of any gram, not with a balanced diet nor with 1 hour sports a day... I was really frustrated.  

It's not about weight - It's about 'health'

KEyTO-me Coaching Program

It's not me changing you - it's you eating healthy and becoming aware to re-balance your lifestyle, losing weight is only one benefit out of it. 

The KEyTO-me Coaching Program encourages fat-burning as energy source (ketosis) by following a low-carb diet paired with intermittent fasting, called 'healthy keto'. We start with your individual needs focusing on getting you into ketosis asap (approx. after 2 weeks). 

It's not about food - It's about a 'balance'!

KEyTO-me Coaching Program

It's always a challenge to read into new topics, become aware of triggers and read your body signs and symptoms plus juggling all the daily life topics, feeling tired, exhausted, hungry...

How to start? I’m here to help you. I’m your personal coach. 

We analyse your habits/way of life regarding health, food, sleep, stress, fitness and identify triggers to set up a strategy. You learn all about keto & intermittent fasting and how to integrate it in your daily life. Feel the power of 'ketosis'.

KEyTO-me Coaching Program Keto and Intermittent Fasting

The KEyTO-me Coaching Program was set up from my life experiences as well as the knowledge I gained of my own keto & intermittent fasting path. As I love to work with people, I decided to become a certified 'Keto Coach' by Dr. Berg, one of the top ketogenic diet experts of the world. 

I'm ready to coach you reaching your goals! Are you ready to get healthy to lose weight? 

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