'Mei' strategy, how I 'survived' travelling with 2 little kids

'Mei' strategy, how I 'survived' travelling with 2 little kids

Mei Blog_Descriptive PraiseAre you one of the Mum's craving for 'new' ideas how to handle and balance their family lifestyle'?

Are you one of the Mum's feeling guilty when you got angry as things didn't go as expected?

Read on, as I'm the Mum who'd like to share one very successful strategy to ease your family life that let you enjoy seeing your children grow and take on responsibilities by themselves.

My friends said:

'Are you crazy!' Aren't you scared to travel on your own with both of them in a foreign country?!' Wow, that's brave!'.

I said:

'Yes, I'm brave - so can you! I'm not scared anymore for not being able to manage night flights, to handle tantrums, to drive 3 hours, to get angry, tired and so on...'.


Because one simple and easy strategy changed my way of reacting and talking.

What happend before? Why was I scared? 

I love my kids, I love being a Mum. However, how often do we tell ourselves 'I'm not a good Mum', 'I'm impatient, 'I'm not listening', 'I'm becoming louder....'? 

Mei Blog_Descriptive Praise


Thats's simple, isn't it! (kidding). Today I'd like to share with you the first strategy called 'DESCRIPTIVE PRAISE'. 

Answer the following questions. 

How do you react when your child does something well?

Mei Blog_Descriptive Praise

How does your child react on 'well done'?

How will your child feel?

Will your child know what you exactly mean by 'well done'?

Don't we wish for our children to learn from lessons to remember them and act again as expected in the future, even try out more?Mei Blog_Descriptive Praise'Can't you just simply put your shoes on!'

'Can't you just sit and eat!'

'Why do I always ask you twice to do..!'

I don't need to highlight the consequences if the child doesn't cooperate. You get angry, the child gets under pressure, bum...here we are. The 'little' topic 'putting the shoes on for example became an emotion.

You: got stressed, angry

Child: feels 'I can't do it quick and good enough'

Mei Blog_Descriptive Praise

Answer the following questions.

How does your child react on your words describing the situation, not the action?

Mei Blog_Descriptive Praise

How will your child feel?

Will your child know what you exactly mean by 'I notice you already put your shoes on without me telling you'?

Guess the chances the child will put on the shoes now even quicker or even earlier you expected this to happen!

    Mei Blog_Descriptive Praise

    When to start? Right now. It's nothing to prepare for - only REALLY observe/see/listen to your child - NOTICE & DESCRIBE; kick out 'well done', 'super' etc. 

    Mei Blog_Descriptive Praise I always tell my kids: 'There is no failure, there are only lessons to grow. Keep on trying and ask if you need to.' 

    I bet you'll see the difference right away. Consistency is the key. Train it intensively for min 2 days, then still focus for up to 2 weeks. It'll become really EASY for you and even more WORTH!

    Click to download your little guide 'Descriptive Praise'  and sign up to be the first to get the blog post for strategy two, following in 2 weeks. 

    Mei Blog_Descriptive Praise

    As per my friends wish, I'm thinking about organising a little interactive workshop about 'DESCRIPTIVE PRAISE'. Please contact me if you are interested to transform your family life.

    x Pamela, proud Mum of 2 adorable kids



    P. S Rumania was amazing. More in the next blog. 

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